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Rory Major 

Bryantscroft Gundogs

Rory was Twelve when his first dog Henry came along when his fathers labrador had a liason with a poodle cross mongrel, at seventeen he moved on to terriers and lurchers hunting them as a pack for foxes and rabbits.

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Next came Sam an unregistered springer who he used to compete with at working tests against Retrievers, sometimes winning so the competitive bug was born.

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When Rory was twenty three Henry died, shortly afterwards he was visiting the kennels of Major George Wilkinson to check on two GSP's that were being trained for his boss, whilst there he saw a puppy that looked just like Henry and was told that this was a new breed of gundog called a German Wirehaired Pointer, he decided that he had to have it! So Velia Von Andesheim came to live with him and in time with training became the breeds first Field Trial Champion

Velia Von Andesheim

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Next came Springer Sally who won a c.o.m. but didn’t have enough pace

Greta Flatcoat retriever who won her first trial ,4th in her second and was sold

Since then we have made another two GWP and three Brittanys to Field Trial Champions

We have won trials and field trial awards with several of our other GWP and Brittanys and Spinone ,Slovakian Roughaired Pointer , Labradors , and won trials with a pointer and an Irish Setter

Display at CLA Gamefair with Quigley

He has handled three Brittanys ,one Large Munsterlander and a Spinone to win their Show working gundog certificates.

Handled a Munsterlander and a Hungarian Vizsla to win field trials and handled Large Munsterlander, Hungarian Vizsla and GSP to Field Trial awards.

Photo by Nigel Dear

Rory has trained almost every breed of gundog

And has won a third place at a sheepdog trial with one of our sheepdogs (Russ)

 Qualified for almost every HPR Championship since it started in the 1980s achieving 3rd with FTCH Velia Von Andesheim

DOM Badger of Bryantscroft

DOM Dual Champion Tournesol Heriot at Bryantscroft

Luna first pointing lessons

Photo by Nigel dear

Team Bryantscroft

Photo by Nigel dear